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Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

Please refer to Chapter 4 of the Board’s Rules and Regulations for information on the continuing professional education (CPE) compliance requirements.

In accordance with Sections 2.3.3. and 4.1. of the Board Rules and Regulations, a CPA will not be permitted to register a license if not in compliance with the CPE requirements. In addition, a CPA must complete, sign and submit the online reporting form even if the CPE credit hours reported is zero. A blank online reporting form will be interpreted as zero hours. [4.2.4.] Please be aware that a CPA who fails to complete, sign, submit, and report online the minimum CPE credit hours accrued during the applicable reporting period will be subject to disciplinary action under Section 4.5. [Section 4.2.5.] The online CPE reporting form became available in 2015.

All licensees must participate in a minimum of 40 CPE credit hours within each one year (twelve month) compliance period ending in June. Only 20 of the 40 hours may be from carry-over hours as referred to in Section 4.1.4. [4.1.2.].

Each CPA must have obtained and reported online a minimum of four (4) CPE credit hours in Board approved Ethics, Professional Conduct, Public Accountancy Law and Regulations course(s) triennially [4.1.3.(b) and 4.3.2.]. A minimum of one of these Ethics CPE credit hours must be in the subject of Mississippi Public Accountancy Law and Regulations.

A new CPA licensee is exempt from CPE only during the compliance period in which he or she completes the examination AND is exempt from the Ethics, Professional Conduct, Public Accountancy Law and Regulations CPE requirement only during the remainder of THAT triennial period [4.1.5.].

Each CPA must maintain his or her CPE records for a minimum five years [4.2.2.].

Self-study type CPE will only be accepted if earned from a sponsor approved by the Quality Assurance Services (QAS) program of the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. 

Link to QAS Approved Self-study CPE Sponsors:    QAS Sponsors

A&A CPE: As part of the Chapter 4, Continuing Professional Education (CPE) modifications effective July 1, 2007, the Board deleted some language related to the annual requirement to obtain a minimum 20% of annual CPE hours in accounting and/or auditing (A&A) topics [Section 4.1.].

However, the Board also added wording to emphasize the importance of a CPA’s remaining competent in his or her area of practice or field of employment. Section 4.3.2. states: The intent of this regulation is that each licensee shall obtain sufficient CPE to assure professional competence in his or her field of employment or practice area, such as attest work and/or compilation of financial statements as defined by these Board rules and to satisfy the CPE requirements of other regulatory authorities and peer review.

Each CPA must evaluate his or her CPE needs in order to become competent, retain competence, and to satisfy the standards of the work being performed.

ETHICS CPE: The CPE requirement for Ethics, Professional Conduct, and Public Accountancy Law and Regulations [ethics] hours is a total four (4) hours for the triennial period beginning July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2022. Remember - At least one ethics CPE hour of the four must be exclusively in Mississippi Public Accountancy Law and Regulations, as follows:

Ethics - MS Law, Rules and Regulations 1 minimum
Ethics - General 3  
Total Triennial Ethics CPE Requirement 4  

These ethics CPE hours must be Board approved in order for a CPA to retain the credit. The approval request may be submitted to the Board by either the CPE sponsor or the individual CPA. The Application for CPE Program Approval is located on the Board’s Forms and Documents web page Application for CPE Program Approval​​

Please refer to the links below for a listing of approved ethics CPE programs. In addition to the ethics CPE programs listing, all Ethics - General programs from the following sponsors are now Board approved: (1) American Institute of CPAs, (2) State Boards of Accountancy, (3) Mississippi and other State CPA societies, and (4) Bar approved Continuing Legal Education [CLE].

Please click this link: Frequently Asked Questions, for additional information related to CPE compliance. Other links: