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The 2022 Online Reporting form is available, follow this link to log in: Online CPE Reporting Form.

*Reminder* The current ethics triennial period ends 6/30/2022. You can log in above to view your 2020 & 2021 CPE forms.

Disciplinary Action (Trial Board)

  • Complaints (charges) brought to or by the Board alleging violation of State law or regulation. Click Here to download Complaint Form.
  • Investigation initiated (Executive Director, Attorney, Board member designated on rotating basis).
  • Consent order may be offered, agreed upon, and sent to State Board for approval.
  • Informal conference: If consent order not employed, CPA may have informal conference to discuss complaint in attempt to reach informal settlement, which is in-turn sent to State Board for approval or vote for formal disciplinary hearing.
  • Formal disciplinary hearing: Formal complaint and notice of hearing sent to CPA 20 days preceding. Specific procedures guided by Rules & Regulations.
  • Non-CPAs who "hold-out" and/or perform public accounting services violate CODE § 73-33-13 and 73-33-15 and are prosecuted under criminal law. Any citizen may file a complaint through Justice Court.