Schedule of Fees

 Examination Application​

Initial Board Administrative Application/Processing Fee
(For all first time applications, 1-4 sections)
Reexamination Board Application Fee  
Four sections $135.00
Three sections $115.00
Two sections $95.00
One sections $75.00
Transfer of credits to/from another State Board $50.00
Application Fees are Nonrefundable  
* Fees for the AICPA, NASBA, and Prometric (Sylvan) are also collected by the Board and held for the candidate for transfer to these entities.  These entities set fees separate from the Board and are as presented below.  

Examination Sections

Auditing and Attestation (AUD) $209.99
Business Environment & Concepts (BEC) $209.99
Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR) $209.99
Regulation (REG) $209.99

CPA License to Practice Public Accountancy

Annual CPA License Registrations Fees
CPA License Annual Registration Fee $110.00
Late fee if paid after January 1st $150.00 
Initial Application - Original Mississippi CPA License
  Init​​ial CPA License Registration Fee $110.00
Board Processing Fee $100.00
Application for Reciprocal CPA License in Mississippi
Reciprocal CPA License Registration Fee $110.00
​Board Processing Fee $100.00​
Application for Reinstatement of CPA License
 Reinstatement of CPA License Registration Fee
 Reinstatement of CPA License Processing Fee​​ $200.00​
Reinstatement of Fees in arrears (max 3 year - $110.00 per year)​​
Late Fee (apply to Failed to Register)​ $150.00​
​Background Screening Fees ​cost

CPA Firm Permit Fee
​Those Firms having at least one physical office in Mississippi $0.00​
Out-of-State CPA Firms with a Mississippi Firm Permit which have no physical office in Mississippi​ $110.00​


Interstate Exchange Form​ $50.00​
Replacement CPA Certificate​ ​$100.00
*Name and Address Lists for CPAs $100.00
*Labels for CPAs $200.00
Public Information § 25-61-1 et.seq.  
Copy of Board Rules and Regulations $25.00
Other copies:  
per copy if self-copied $0.35
per copy if copied by Board staff $1.00
*Submit this FORM​ to request lists/labels of CPAs and candidates  
​ ​​​
In addition to the renewal, application and other fees listed above, 3rd party service providers may charge: transaction fees for use of credit card or e-check; and “e-Government” fees for development and maintenance of websites and online licensing and database applications on behalf of the Board.